Mayor Breneman and the City Council of Wooster, Ohio
United States of America

Many people have been attending the protests and vigils at the public square in Wooster in the last weeks. Nationwide events are happening in the US in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Many cities and municipalities are considering changes in policing and community services. We would like to take more direct action by communicating our demands to our elected officials. Please sign our online petition to support us.

Dear Mayor Breneman and Members of the Wooster City Council,

Recent events all over the nation have served as a reminder that the power of racism is deep-seated and endemic to our country and communities. While Wooster may not face the same degree of problems as some of the places that have been in the headlines, it is undeniable that racism still affects the Wooster community in ways large and small.

The sheer scale of the problem and the variety of ways in which racism affects all of our lives – not equally, but differentially – also means that we all have a part to play in working toward justice and helping to right the wrongs of our collective condition. There is no one-size-fits-all set of solutions to these issues, but every community has been called to address the issues of racism, inequality, and related social problems anew. This is a time to re-examine existing policy, develop new policy, and make progress toward a more equitable future for all City of Wooster residents.

As elected leaders, you all have a particular role to play in signaling and carrying out the values of this community. While much work is before us and some of the changes may take many months or years, we, the undersigned, ask that you engage in this work with focus and dedication.
We look forward to this work beginning in the collective spirit that can sustain lasting change.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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