#Civil Rights
To the Members of the Victorian Parliament

The petition of citizens of the State of Victoria and Australia draws to the attention of the Victorian Parliament our objection to the moves by the Victorian Government under the Equal Opportunity Amendment (Religious Exceptions) Bill 2016 to remove or restrict the freedom of faith-based schools and other organisations to employ staff who uphold the values of the organisation and to force faith-based organisations to hire staff who are fundamentally opposed to what the organisation stands for, thereby:-

(i) denying those organisations the freedom to operate in accordance with their beliefs and principles;

(ii) denying parents the ability to choose to send their children to schools that are able to give them the values based education their parents are looking for; and

(iii) undermining Victoria's diverse, pluralist, multicultural society, which supports the right of people of many different faiths to establish institutions in accordance with their faith.

The petitioners therefore call upon the Victorian Parliament to oppose these plans by the Victorian Government and to uphold freedom of association and freedom of belief in Victoria.

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