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Dear Roger Goodell,
As you are aware, Browns fans are some of the most passionate yet longest suffering fans in the history of the league. Our team is quickly closing in on 20 years (!) of non-competitiveness. The Browns organization for the last two decades have been the poster child for organizational dysfunction, yet have been allowed to exist in your league consequence free while some of your most passionate fans have their hearts trampled on season after season. The last two seasons in particular have not even been close to resembling a professional level.

Therefore, we ask you to consider the appropriateness of allowing an ownership team to operate in a professional league without putting a professional caliber team on the field. We believe it belittles your organization to allow a team to exist that perpetually fails to put a professional level team on the field and worse, it belittles your fans.

We ask that you consider taking action and implement new rules this offseason that limit extreme periods of dysfunction and noncompetitiveness so that we, and no other team's fans ever have to endure what Browns fans have endured for nearly 2 decades. Enough is enough.

We, the undersigned, call on the NFL to institute rules that limits the number of years a team's ownership are allowed to maintain said ownership without putting a competitive team on the field.

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