Ridgewood Village Council
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Since its 1998 renovation, changes in how Ridgewood residents of all ages read and learn has outpaced the library’s ability to keep up with new demands. Today’s libraries bring communities together to learn study, create, and connect. Ridgewood’s existing library can no longer support the current and anticipated needs of our community. After more than two decades of growth and rapid change, it’s now time to Reimagine the Ridgewood Public Library so it can better serve our entire community.

Reimagine RPL will firmly establish the library as an inspiring center for lifelong learning and cultural enrichment, benefiting this generation and beyond.

“An investment in the Ridgewood Public Library is an investment in the Ridgewood community we all love.”

-Willie Geist, NBC News journalist and former Ridgewood Resident

We, the undersigned, fully support the Reimagine RPL renovation plan. We see the Ridgewood Public Library as the preeminent center of the Ridgewood community, meeting the digital, educational, programming and literary needs of Ridgewood. We consider both public and private support a key component of this plan that serves our entire community.

We urge the members of the Ridgewood Village Council to vote YES to a $2 million dollar bond that will match the $2 million privately raised funds.

Further, we also urge the State of New Jersey, by way of the New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act of 2017, to match the private and public funds pledged to the Reminagine PRL project. , enabling the ReimagineRPL renovation plan to become reality in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

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