Catoosa County Commissioners
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Healthy Foundations represents a "Transformative, Life-Changing Opportunity for the Catoosa County Community"
Our mission at Healthy Foundations is simple yet profoundly life-changing: to transform the lives of people in Catoosa County and throughout Northwest Georgia by providing housing, behavioral health services, addiction recovery, workforce support and more.
We are seeking approval for a nearly 200 acre campus in Catoosa County, we hope to provide the Northwest Georgia community with a health continuum of care model created by The Brookings Institute and inspired by City of Refuge, which promotes community development through a holistic approach based on 4 key impact areas: health and wellness, transitional housing, vocational job training and placement assistance, and youth development.
These services are needed more than ever in Catoosa County due to the growing opioid crisis, rising rates of drug addiction, and the resuting impact of higher crime, healthcare costs and number of children in foster care, as well as the countless lives torn apart home or work.
To meet the crisis head-on, Healthy Foundations, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was established to collectively impact the communioty of Catoosa County. This means bringing together multiple organizations- including North Georgia Healthcare Center, The Center for Hope, and Cimdex- that share a common agenda to create a thriving, safe,family-friendly community where all have pride in where they work and live and access the services they need.

We the undersigned call upon the Catoosa County Commissioners to approve the Healthy Foundations Project.

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