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Petition to STOP Giving Contraceptives to 10 Year Olds!

The media and other reports have in the recent past exposed the practice of giving children as young as 10 contraceptives claiming that this would prevent teenage pregnancy, abortion and would keep girls in schools. It has also come to light that some clinics and organizations which are donor funded are distributing contraceptives to underage children and yet the age of consent according to the Constitution of Uganda is 18 years.

What is even more disturbing is that due to loopholes and weaknesses in policies/laws, a Germany national for example, who was running an orphanage in Kalangala and who was suspected of defiling over 30 underage girls; some of who were found to have implants (contraceptives) inserted in them, was acquitted! During Police interrogation which was widely covered in the media, the German man said that the implants were inserted in the 12-14 year old girls at Marie Stopes. The response from an official from Marie Stopes who denied knowledge of the girls was, “It is, however, likely that some of the girls could have got contraceptives from our health workers because it is not our work to find out where they come from. Our duty is to provide services,” [http://www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1335283/kalangala-sex-scam-investigation-deepens]

Giving children contraceptives is not only harmful to their health; it also has negative moral, social, psychological, spiritual and academic consequences. Furthermore availing such serious life-altering and life-threatening services to children below the age of consent, without the knowledge or consent of parents directly undermines the parental rights and authority, which the Constitution gives parents.
It should be understood that if underage children become sexually active and/or get pregnant or get sexually transmitted infections, it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to be at the forefront of determining how these matters are handled.
As parents, guardians and citizens, it is our moral obligation and responsibility to protect children and to create an enabling environment where children can be raised in such a manner that they attain their maximum potential in life. This should be achieved without exposing children to any form of abuse and without violating their rights, dignity and innocence. And whenever children are abused or if their rights, dignity or innocence are being violated, it is our duty to standout, speak out and defend them without fear or favor.


As citizens, we have a constitutional right to make our voices made known to our leaders and legislators through a petition. To this end we call on you as a parent, guardian or concerned adult citizens (18 and above) to IMMEDIATELY append your signature which will accompany the petition to Parliament. The petition will be asking Parliament to prohibit the distribution of contraceptives to underage children and to rectify the loopholes and weaknesses in the current policies/laws, so that there is adequate protection for the children of Uganda.


As a concerned citizen and for the sake of our precious children, please send this information to as many other people as possible and encourage them to also sign and mobilize others to do the same. If you have already signed the hard copy signature sheet, you do not need to sign this online signature arrangement. You can however forward it to others in your sphere of influence. The deadline is fast approaching. Your prompt handling of this matter will be highly appreciated.

Stephen Langa
Executive Director

We the undersigned, as parents, guardians and concerned citizens are petitioning Uganda parliament to protect our children from being given contraceptives and
from being taught or exposed to comprehensive sexuality education and/or other related vices that are contrary to our values, morals, positive
cultural practices and aspirations as Ugandans.

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