#Local Government
City of Jackson
United States of America

The neighbors of Walnut Trace Subdivision bordering the ditch are petitioning the city to stop the erosion into their properties.

This ditch is a hazard and danger. It is too large for homeowners to maintain. The ditch is widening due to water running off the streets with no proper drainage system.

Several homeowners have already had to invest in maintaining erosion control and proper drainage to their land.

However, the ditch is continuing to cause erosion and is becoming a major problem to landowners. It is now coming under our fences into the yards and will continue to cave in causing trees to fall and also fences.

We, the neighbors of Walnut Trace Subdivision, are requesting the City of Jackson to stop the erosion and clean up the ditch that extends throughout the Walnut Trace and surrounding houses.

It has become larger than homeowners can maintain and is a danger to all that border the ditch. There is not proper drainage from the water running off the streets which is causing erosion onto the properties.

The City needs to be the responsible party in reducing the erosion caused by this drainage.

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