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Please sign this petition opposing Mass Audubon Society's (MAS) wind turbine proposal for Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (WBWS) and help to save wildlife sanctuaries, conservation land, parks and tourist destinations. Thank you!

• The mission of MAS is to protect wildlife - research clearly shows that wind turbines are responsible for the death of a significant number of birds and bats. Wind turbines of the same size that MAS proposes kill birds and bats.

• There are some 20 species of endangered and threatened birds in the sanctuary whose survival will be at risk.

• According to the Cape Cod Commission (CCC) [the County Planning Agency] Regional Policy Plan, WBWS is a Rare Wildlife Habitat, an area to be protected.

• The proposed wind turbine is 142’ high or 14 stories high where the average tree height is 35’ according to the CCC.

• The proposed wind turbine will be highly visible from homes nearby at Lieutenant's Island, Great island, Wellfleet Harbor and Cape Cod Bay and it will compromise the natural beauty of these areas.

• The National Park, Cape Cod National Seashore Viewshed Analysis shows WBWS as a protected area - the view to be preserved today and for all future generations.

• Independent state approved acoustic expert’s letter to Wellfleet neighbors states that people living and working nearby will be adversely impacted. The wind turbine will produce infrasound at 2 Hz. (See http://saveourseashore.org/)

• The noise will adversely impact resident housing, MAS campers, abutters homes and abutter businesses.

• Among the documented health risks are sleep disturbance, headache, ear pressure and ear pain, nausea, dizziness, fast heart rate and high blood pressure. Wind turbines of the same size as the proposed wind turbine by MAS WBWS cause health problems for people who live nearby.

• The proposed wind turbine will violate Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection noise standards.

• The proposed turbine will produce unnatural, industrial & anthropogenic noise into the habitat which will disrupt the normal function of wildlife.

• Studies show real estate prices drop dramatically near wind turbines - MAS proposed wind turbine is sited 500’ from the nearest home.

• Public health and safety concerns include blade throws, ice throws, lightening strikes, fire, collapse, strobing & blade glint.

• There is no evidence that the proposed turbine would produce a significant amount of energy. It will not reduce the "carbon footprint" of WBWS. It will not provide a public benefit.

We the undersigned are Wellfleet registered voters, tax payers, non-resident tax payers, visitors and tourists.

We strenuously oppose the proposed construction of one or more wind turbines at the Massachusetts Audubon Society (MAS) Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (WBWS).

We formally request that MAS and WBWS cease any and all activities related to any further action regarding a proposal to construct any wind turbine/s at the WBWS and publicly announce their intention to do so.

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