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Residents of Lincoln and Sudbury
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Two of the four candidates running for School Committee are proposing reactionary schemes to manage L-S.
Their suggestions are entirely contrary to the spirit of L-S, and their election might very well have a dramatic negative impact on the day to day management life at our school.

One of these candidate is Douglas Zingale, who believes, "Urgency is not being demonstrated and needs to be demonstrated." In his view, "Specific actions should be taken now including making sure the people responsible for not bringing this to people’s attention are removed from the decision making at the school.""

In other words, Douglas Zingale is running for school committee with preconcieved notions of who should be fired. This is his view despite the amazing job done by the L-S faculty on January 19th and the fact that there is a committee already established to look into the tragedy to see if anyone SHOULD be held responsible.

The second candidate, Kevin Matthews "said there is a lack of accountability at L-S, some of which stems from the school committee giving Superintendent/Principal John Ritchie a rubber stamp for many policies" (Sudbury Town Crier March 15th). He went on to say that he is "also for increasing measures at L-S. There’s a lot of technology we can use." According to the Town Crier, "His suggestions include smart cards to give students access to the building and installing video cameras throughout the campus"

The Town Crier also quoted Matthews as saying, "These are procedures that are very common on a college campus. I don’t see any reason why we can’t implement them at L-S."

To summarize, Matthews is showing great opposition to our amazing superintendent Dr Ritchie's policies in running the school and wants to introduce "smart cards" and video cameras in L-S. He is the candidate advocating the most dramatic changes despite the fact that he is the one candidate who has not had a child who has been in Lincoln-Sudbury RHS yet.

The two other candidates are Radha Gargeya and Jack Ryan, both of whom have pledged to respect the unique culture of Lincoln Sudbury.

We, the undersigned, believe:

That candidate Douglas Zingale's position that immediate punitive actions should be taken against members of the L-S faculty is unacceptable, as it would merely divide an already wounded community, and as there has not yet been a proper investigation into the events surrounding the murder on January 19th;

That candidate Kevin Matthews' belief that L-S should install security cameras violates L-S students' freedom, is a complete attack on L-S's foundations, and would make students feel insecure while not making them any safer;

That candidate Kevin Matthews suggestion to institute and distribute "smart cards" to L-S students to allow for entry into the building would have a deleterious effect on students' liberty and the spirit and culture of L-S, and that they would do nothing to protect the student body, but would merely be inconvenient, unwanted, and expensive;

That the Sudbury and Lincoln Electorate should elect other candidates for school committee who value Lincoln-Sudbury's unique culture such as Mr Radha Gargeya or Mr Jack Ryan.

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