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When you have been tried, convicted and sentenced for a felony according to what type of felony it is there is a Maximum sentence the Judge can impose. If that is 5 years (including successful completion of Parole) then that sentence would be a 5 year "cap".

At the end of your 5 years you are released from parole stating that you have complied with and successfully completed your sentence and can return to an active and productive life in society...At that point and time BY The LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES COURTS You can no longer be held for that Crime. At that time: ALL of Your Basic Human and Civil Rights as A U.S. Citizen should be Restored! The Right to Vote, The Right to Bear Arms, The right to Privacy. etc.

This is where the 2nd Amendment should not be altered to each states pleasing and should remain as was intended by our Forefathers as part of the Constitution of the United States and should be a Federal Law that would override any and all State level rules or laws, You are in actuality serving a life sentence. You have to when asked state that you are an Ex-Felon when applying for a job, housing, loan, license, assistance, etc. Why?

They say "Do the Crime...Do the Time", BUT when does that time cease to exist? As it is now, it doesn't. You are still living a "Life Sentence" being Judged by all at every juncture or corner you turn. What does the term Successfully Rehabilitated Mean? It means you have successfully completed all aspects of the imposed sentence and terms of your parole/probation. That you have been reintroduced to society as a normal & Tax Paying Citizen. Then normal it should be. Including but not limited to Your Right as an American Citizen to Vote, to Privacy & To Bear Arms (I can say one thing in defense of this...If in the commission of your crime you used a vehicle as a weapon does that mean you can no longer have the right to drive a car when you are released? I do believe that common sense will make this point.) & I also believe you should not have to disclose your past unless by law it is clearly stated as is with certain types of crimes: Sex Offenders, Child Molesters etc...

I hope People will read this and understand the Logic of restoring Your Rights!

We the Undersigned call upon The United States Government, The House of Representatives to Mandate that All States adhere to One and the Same Federal Law that would Declare All Rights Human and Civil to be restored to (Ex)-Felons upon their release from Prison and Parole Stating their Successful Completion of sentence have been met and can return to an active and productive life in society.

This would include the right to bear arms, the right to vote, & the right to privacy (not having to divulge any past criminal history to any person or organization other than what is mandated by law (a law official or agency and only if this is included as part of their terms).

This would pertain to All Felons except those required by law to report and register as a sex offender and /or child molester.

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