To rename "Smash or Pass" to "Hit or Miss"

I am a man with a dream, and that is to stuff a dead meme meme into another dead meme. I come from Cyprus, and I wish to some day change the world with this one petition, and I will not be denied by the community in this incredibly meaningful quest of mine. The ability to express this certain view of mine has hired me within itself, forcing me to write this petition, and that is essentially what I am; an opportunity taking dreamer (if you know a way to make fake petitions for meme purposes, please inform me).

We need to combine two dead memes, so the memery is increased. That's why we need to turn "Smash or Pass" into "Hit or Miss".

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The Petition to rename "Smash or Pass" to "Hit or Miss" petition to To rename "Smash or Pass" to "Hit or Miss" was written by Y S and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.

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