#Consumer Affairs
The Ombudsman and MP to seek parliament approval to stop Scottish Powers behaviour towards consumers
United Kingdom

Scottish Power are an energy provider who are failing to meet the simple needs of their customers. Hundreds if not thousands of customers are being charged thousands of pounds without warning, service discrepancies and terrible customer service. The system is failing to protect consumers including those in vulnerable positions. Customers are unable to contact departments within Scottish Power for help, are given appointments that don;t materialise, palmed off with call back that they wont receive and hounded by bills and letters that are incorrect or increase dramatically overnight.
I've started this petition because I strongly believe that they shouldn't be allowed to get away with the way they are treating their customers just because they are a large corporation. Complaints fill their social sites as well as customers who are crying out for help, as you are unable to get resolutions with the company or make complaints heard.

Those who are in agreement and sign this petition do so because they also believe it is required the Governing body and Parliament need to step in and enforce consumer rights upon the Scottish Power energy providers who are not providing a duty of care to their customers. The signatures on this petition are to symbolise the gravity of customers affected by the companies current behaviour. By signing this petition you are actively demonstrating that you would like the government to enforce necessary action towards the company to compensate its current customers and either put in place a new system to carry out duty of care or to cease trading altogether.

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