NJ Attorney General Anne Milgram
United States of America

We are an alliance of citizens who are very concerned about the devastating effects that the closing of an essential hospital, Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center has on Plainfield, the surrounding 13 communities and over 200,000 people.

We are requesting that the Attorney General investigate the endowments and gifts that generous individuals have bequeathed over the years to Muhlenberg as there are legitimate concerns that funds may have been diverted from their original intentions.

WE, the undersigned, on behalf of the Public Interest request that the New Jersey State Attorney General investigate and protect the temporary, permanent, and in perpetuity endowments, bequests, gifts of assets and real estate that the Plainfield Area People have generously donated for over a century to: Muhlenberg Hospital, Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center, Muhlenberg Foundation, Muhlenberg Auxiliary, Muhlenberg School of Nursing (now known as Harold B. and Dorothy A. Snyder Schools), and any other Muhlenberg entities including the Muhlenberg restricted endowments held in trust in the Plainfield Foundation.

The NJ State Attorney General needs to assure the Public that the written directives of the donors are being followed and protected according to all relevant (cy pres doctrine) gift laws.

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