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Casey Council

Casey Fields Boulevard is approximately half way between Berwick Cranbourne Road (also known as Clyde Road), and Narre Warren Cranbourne Road (Cranbourne Road). It is also the extent of the old title boundaries of properties fronting Clyde Road before they were subdivided, and therefore a logical boundary between the two suburbs.

The current boundary location does not follow any discernible geographical boundary, and this cannot remain the long term boundary between the suburbs. We have support from our residents for the boundary to move in a Westerly direction, the time to move it is now before the area is fully developed.

Stockland have already sold approximately 130 lots with a Clyde North address, and do not support a move for their land to become Cranbourne East, therefore the boundary cannot be moved to the East.

We the residents believe the boundary between Clyde North and Cranbourne East should be moved in a Westerly direction so that it is aligned with the future Casey Fields Boulevard, which is the Westerly boundary of the Cascades on Clyde Estate.

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The Petition to Move Clyde North/Cranbourne East Boundary petition to Casey Council was written by Daniel Heathershaw and is in the category Local Government at GoPetition.