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This world has seen so many wars, natural calamities and disasters so far. Because of this, many people died and the highest of death was due to the wars. There were masses of death due to religious war, community war, ethnic and tribal war too.

Some of the war happened in the world for land acquisition, some for women, some for precious metals like gold and diamonds. The funniest thing, some of the wars happened without reason because of some powerful political people’s war game.

All these wars caused millions and billions of innocent people’s death. So far, how many widows are suffering because of their husbands died in the war and it is a great loss for them in their life. How many parents lost their beloved sons, daughters in the war! How many children lost their parents due to war and became orphan, helpless, and miss-guided or fell in wrong hands!

How many soldiers lost their hands, legs, eyes, some parts of their body and living with a painful life due to the war!

After long time research we found that the wars are always will be there as long as there are many nations in the world. To avoid war completely, the only way is that all nations in the world have to unite and become single nation, then there will not be war at all in the world and also the POVERTY will disappear from the world for sure.

To stop wars and poverty in the world , we have started “ONE WORLD ORGANIZATION” and our mission is NO WAR and NO POVERTY in the world. Which will be called OWO in short form.

We expect everyone in the world to join this “OWO” team to make a WAR FREE and POVERTY FREE world.

Let us join our hands today and give a peaceful and happy world to our future children.

Become a member of OWO today; take the whole world towards peace!


The Registrar,
The World Court of Justice
PO Box 10121
Birmingham B27 7YS

Subj; Request to make the whole world as one nation to eliminate war and poverty

Dear Sirs,

I am/we are a member/volunteer/visitor undersigned of ONE WORLD ORGANIZATION and would like to submit this complaint/petition against the all nations in the world.

I/We the undersigned request the World Court of Justice to intervene in the matter of international politics and unite all the nations and make the whole world as one nation with one government.

This is to bring 0% poverty, 0% war in the world.

When the whole world become one nation and share the resources equally among all people, the unnecessary defence system and war expenditure of $1630 billion as of today will be spent for eliminating poverty and other humanity developments.

Also bringing all nations united under one nation and a government will help to make sure NO WAR in the world, no war veterans and no war widows.

So, I/We kindly request the world court to issue a notice to all countries in the world to unite and make as one nation with one government.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

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