#Animal Welfare
the government
United Kingdom

There are slaughter houses in the UK that slaughter the horses in an inhumane manner. We do eat horse meat in the UK so we should leave the slaughtering of the horses to those countries that actually do.

There are many videos on the internet outlining the terrible treatment of these animals in the UK.

Something has got to be done about the horse slaughter industry in the UK! I am starting a petition to get as many people together as possible and then tackle the issue with the government itself!! We don't eat horse meat in the UK so why the hell do we choose to slaughter them for petty cash?!

Even worse, there are people in the UK who breed horses purely for their meat and then ship them off in horrible conditions to other countries that do eat the meat!! It is illegal to slaughter horses in the USA, so lets make it illegal in the UK too!

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The Petition to make horse slaughter in the UK illegal petition to the government was written by Rebecca Scott-Davey and is in the category Animal Welfare at GoPetition.