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Lack of support for Android-phones of the company.

Dear HTC Corporation,

We, users of Android phones produced by your company, are concerned about a situation with open operation system Android from Google Inc. Purchasing HTC smartphones we count on adequate support and on-time updates to current versions of Android operation system. However, as recent events concerning delays of new firmware for HTC Hero have shown, the user has no benefit from open Android platform being a hostage of corporate rules and processes inside the company.

By concealing source codes of the operation system and Android cores, HTC creates a situation that extremely contradicts principles and the spirit of the movement for free software. We would kindly ask you to support this worldwide movement and publish source codes of the Android 2.1 kernel, as well as proprietary binary modules for all existing Android smartphones of the company, including HTC Hero on the official web site developer.htc.com. We would also appreciate, if you could update those source codes of the Android kernel and proprietary binary modules after the release of each new version of Android operation system.

We call you not to make obstacles to the development of free Android operation system and support initiatives and work of the community of developers. By producing hi-tech phones, HTC has proved to be one of the most innovative producers of mobile devices. Due to its cooperation with the community HTC will be able to make a great contribution to the development of the market of operation systems for mobile devices.

Faithfully yours,


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