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Hello INT members!

I gathered a small team of experts from different places of the world to generate an application for Iphone and Android technology. We have bought expensive software to generate such a smartphone program to assemble the Guide to Success and to keep it as authentic as it looks right now. The guide to success would then be available on many smartphone devices such as Ipad, Tablets & Smartphones using the Android and Iphone Technology. The guide is curently translated into several languages such as Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Arabic and few more currently in the process.

I already started a group on Facebook called ''INT on Smartphone'' just to mesure the interest of many INT members towards the idea of having the Guide to success on Application and the response was astonishing. Over a thousand people manifested their interest of having the application on their smartphone devices. The demand is so great simply because it is the new popular way to share and get information today.

International Networkers Team is growing and is making history.

Let's bring this growth process to a next level by giving a quick an easy access to everyone wishing to join and duplicate the INT success to the four corners of the earth. This could very be '' El ano de la multiplicacion ''

If you want this application, please show your support by signing this petition wich will be sent to Dr. Hermino Nevarez so I can receive his autorization to proceed.

Thank You.

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