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The collective political establishment has betrayed the British people by transferring our national sovereignty to a foreign power without our consent. This is in defiance of our constitution and an act of treason.

For the past several decades the British people have been treated with extraordinary and total contempt by the collective political establishment. It has not mattered which political party has been in office or “power” as they insist on calling it, nothing ever changes. We are continually subjected to the same global agenda. We have been used and abused like pawns in their game of supremacy in which a dynastic ruling class see themselves as ordained to rule as masters – with impunity, whilst we the people, as virtual slaves, are supposedly destined to obey – without question.

They have persistently and consistently undermined our democracy by agreeing to treaties with foreign political elites who have no business in our affairs.

They accommodate tyrants, dictators, arms dealers and all manner of dubious characters, with whom they are happy to keep company. They turn a blind eye when the smell of money wafts their nostrils… it suppresses the stink of corruption and evil. Their moral compasses are defunct… their values deplorable and motives despicable. Our soldiers die to service their corporate agenda – their blood is on their hands.

We have seen our three billion annual fishing industry handed over to foreign control for nil reward. Our farms no longer feed us, crippled by regulations made to favour foreign farmers. Our ship-building has been dismantled and our merchant fleet whittled to nothing. Our armed forces are under strength and we see foreign troops being trained on our own soil on the pretence that they may be needed to protect us… when the reality is they are being trained to subdue us… to protect you from our vengeance. Our children are victims of social engineering in the schools and declining standards of education. They are being sexualised by explicit exposures before they have the emotional maturity to be able to cope. They are destroying their minds and their childhoods.

They deny us our rights and our freedoms and contemptuously imply that they can provide us with a new Bill of Rights. Would we seriously trust a thief with our wallets? They have corrupted our courts by appointing judges who are contemptuous of our common law.

It is our intention to govern ourselves… we do not seek their permission – this is our right. They have had their opportunity and they have failed. We will take control of our own lives in stages, as and when it suits us. Our numbers will grow as we show by example that prosperity is the natural consequence of honest and fair governance. We will expose them for the criminals they are.

Both David Cameron and Nick Clegg, want to abolish the House of Lords in favour of an elected upper house, thus violating the tripartite long established way in which England has been governed.

This tripartite arrangement is made up of the Sovereign, the House of Lords, which in turn is made up of hereditary peers and referred to in the Constitution as 'the Lords spiritual and the Lords temporal, and the House of commons, made up of representatives of the public. The House of Commons originates legislation, the House of Lords scrutinises the legislation to make sure that it benefits the country and the Sovereign has the final authority to refuse assent if he believes it is not in the best interests of the country. The only reason for trying to subvert this long established and workable system of governance is that it prevents an illegal power-grab of a person or group. You yourself are on record stating that 'Parliament was sovereign' when clearly it isn't as shown by George III. This was a treasonous statement to make.

Nick Clegg also made his treasonous statement when he said that he "will do everything in his power to keep the UK in the EU" and he is also on recording as saying that he will oppose any attempt to remove, already surrendered power, back from the EU to the UK. He and Nick Clegg are subverting the Constitutional arraignments of Parliament and by so doing are guilty of a Conspiracy to Subvert the Constitutional Arraignments of Parliament the Major Crime against the State of sedition at Common Law and at this level of Sedition an act of High Treason against the Constitutional arraignments of Parliament of this Her Majesty's United Kingdom Of Great Britain.

Pro-Europeans who have seized control of the Conservative leadership, imposing their own agenda, ignoring the wishes of Conservative voters; they sabotaged representative democracy. A vote for the Conservatives has been a vote for the EUdictatorship for 34 years, these are the traitors responsible. The leaders of our three political parties get their orders from the European Union, not the British electorate, whom they neither serve nor care for. They've created a one party state: the three parties have almost identical policies, and all agree on the abolition of Britain by the EU.

They must be stopped NOW!

Please sign if you believe in democracy and our constitution. Sign to have David Cameron and his cabinet ministers impeached for treason against the British People.

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