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Immigation Department - Perth, Australia

Oda Aunan is a valuable member of the Perth arts community. She is a proactive theatre maker who has contributed unique ideas, narrative, characters and craft to several successful original theatre productions produced by local theatre companies, both professional and independent.

She brings distinct skill and perspective, which enhance and broaden the work that she contributes to.

Oda Aunan went to university in Perth, she has lived here for seven years, she buys Australian products, she engages on a daily basis with Australian culture, often giving her creative energies to projects for little or no money. Oda Aunan contributes and belongs to the Perth arts community as much as any other Australian artist while at the same time bringing her cultural influence into the work. Oda currently has employment for three months with a professional theatre company, apart from this she also has several job opportunities coming up that she has created for herself.

There are amazing acting and theatre training courses and facilities here is Perth, WA. One of the current aims of the industry is to get to a point where all of the fantastic talent and skill of the graduates want to stay and work in Perth rather than moving to the eastern states or indeed overseas. Here we have a WA trained theatre practitioner who WANTS to stay and build the Perth theatre scene, yet we are making it extraordinarily difficult for her to live and work in Australia.

We the undersigned, wish to communicate the amount of people involved in the Perth Theatre and Arts Industry who value Oda’s skill and contributions to theatre in Perth.

They agree with the above statements (in background information) and believe that she deserves to be granted a visa which will allow her to continue to live in Perth and make theatre.

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