His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston.

The current Prime Minister of Canada has failed in most every area of his responsibilities of which the number one responsibility is to keep safe the Canadian public. Mr. Trudeau 's constant disregard for Canadian values and lives constituted by his seemingly endless efforts to allow undocumented and poorly vetted refugees and migrants into Canada causing distress to the Canadian public safety as a whole. Mr.Trudeau has also openly admitted his Islamic /sharia agenda for Canada which in most certain terms does not align with the Canadian Public's majority views.Considering the state Europe and Britain are in after allowing this same type of Rhetoric this now poses a substantial social and economic and safety risks to this country. Mr. Trudeau has also misrepresented to the Canadian Public by means of the Paris Climate Accord, which since has been proven to have been falsely emboldened, Mr.Trudeau has not withdrawn. Mr. Trudeau has not followed through on his promises to Canadians on voting reform, and instead has instigated additional taxes on Canadians and Canadian businesses and in service members of the Armed Forces. In the almost 2 years Mr.Trudeau has been in office he has done nothing to enhance the lives of regular Canadians or businesses, touting only the jobs that were created by pipeline projects that were well into place prior to his showing up. Mr.Trudeau and his party have plunged the country into debt situation already while promising billions of dollars to causes over sees that most Canadians do not agree with or even care about whilst Canadians are suffering, elderly, homeless and now low income Canadians being squashed by his Carbon tax plan, His surprise announcement of a 370 million dollar loan to Bombardier at the expense of Canada acquiring further debt is another knife in the economic back of Canadians. . He has spent massive amounts of tax payers money on vacations and enhancing his parties and his family's lives. It is very clear this Prime Minister does not hold Canadian's best interests at heart. While running for the office Mr.Trudeau's inexperience came into question and scrutiny , there was a lot of concern then and now it has proven to be correct, this man has no idea what he is doing.

We the undersigned , hereby call upon His Excellency the Right Honorable David Johnston to make motion to formally Impeach Justin Trudeau -Prime Minister of Canada- The actions leading to this petition have been listed and include, fraud,treason,misrepresentation and misuse of tax payer's money as defined in Canadian law. But first and far-most Mr. Trudeau has failed at his number one priority which is to keep safe the Canadian people and the lands within our borders.

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