#Human Rights

LGBT people have been mistreated and excluded based on the understanding that you hate and/or condemn them. In turn, the LGBTs have responded with courage, love and commitment, asking only that they be recognized as equal under the laws of our land.

Many of us have opened our ears and our hearts to their appeals, and think your instruction to love others as ourselves and refrain from judgement is enough to welcome them and to guard their civil rights as we would our own, and our Supreme Court has upheld this to be so.

But others believe it is their duty to you to oppress, condemn and shun, and they are foretelling your wrath and condemnation for our decision.

It is for this cause we petition you:

We, the undersigned, call upon you, God, to reconsider your judgement and condemnation of your LGBT creations, and repent of any evil you have planned for us, due to our embracing of their love and equality.

We petition you to look down with compassion and care for all of us the same, as we have come to care for each other;

We beseech you to honor the love and commitment to family that our LGBT members have steadfastly maintained, and to recognize their marriage;

We invite you to celebrate with us, and ask you to give a sign, to anyone who needs one, that no further shunning is required by you. (A rainbow would be nice.)

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