#Civil Rights
Prime Minister
United Kingdom

With a new government in place, a review is being conducted of online services, including e-petitions. This has resulted in the e-petitions service being suspended until review. Existing e-petitions, submitted to the previous administration, are not being carried forward to the new administration as part of this process.

E-petitions that were live at the time of the election announcement on 6 April, when the e-petitions system was suspended, will therefore not be reopened for signatures. The present government has stated that they will respond to e-petitions that had exceeded the 500 signature threshold as of 6 April 2010.

We believe that this disregard for the legitimate concerns of the people of Britain is extremely damaging to our democracy, as it drastically limits the ways in which our voices can be heard.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Prime Minister to re-instate exigently the Number10 e-petition service, with full privilege to previously inaugurated petitions.

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