#Community welfare
The Chairman of the EPA WA Dr Tom Hatton

Following the slip on the east wall at KCGM's Superpit , the need for cutback and remediation proposals and EPA approvals need to be expedited so the effect to the community is as minimal as possible . Many people ; families , bussinesses , contractors and other stakeholders are feeling an impact and many more could if the process is not expedited . The companies directly affected by the slip are doing everything they can to get back to normality and any assistance provided by other authorities can help to achieve a beneficial outcome for the community of Kalgoorlie/Boulder .

Petition for Dr Tom Hatton , Chairman of the EPA To expedite the approvals process so that works can get underway to get people back to work and for the welfare of the wider community of Kalgoorlie/Boulder .

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The Petition to expedite Epa approvals at Kcgm Superpit Kalgoorlie WA petition to The Chairman of the EPA WA Dr Tom Hatton was written by Michael Kapusin and is in the category Community welfare at GoPetition.

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