Towing Recovery Association of Ohio
United States of America

The purpose of this petition is to bring state wide awareness to the Move Over Law, found in the Ohio Revised Code 4511.213.

Ohio's Move Over Law requires motorist to cautiously shift over one lane- or slow down if it is not possible to change lanes- when driving by any vehicle with its flashing lights on the side of the road. Its purpose is to protect everyone who works on our roads and everyone who travels on them.

According to MoveOver.Ohio.Gov, across the U.S. roadside accidents kill one tow truck driver, every six days, 23 highway workers and one law enforcement officer every month and six firefighters every year. In Ohio, Thousands of workers build, maintain, serve and protect on our roadways everyday. Therefore it is also in the public's interest to protect roadside workers by observing the Move Over Law.
You must be a registered voter in the State of Ohio, and must have a valid ID issued by the State of Ohio.


We, the undersigned, wish to have the State of Ohio Legislature consider a bill to authorize the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to produce specialty license plates designated to the Slow Down Move Over law.

We the undersigned do intend to support this effort by purchasing the Slow Down Move Over Specialty Licence Plates from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

We understand there will be an additional cost to the standard license plate fee and also understand a portion of the proceeds will go the designated fund.

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