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Ohio law allows organizations an avenue to create special license plates that feature their logo or other identifying information. Every time a motorist orders such a tag, that organization receives a portion (typically $15) of the license plate fee.

Not only would a Glen Helen license plate provide a source of needed revenue, it would allow supporters to spread awareness for this special place.

Every car needs a license plate – why not make a difference with your purchase!

To participate in the Special Plate Program of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, we are required to accomplish two items:
1) To show community support, we are required to obtain 1000 signatures of Ohio motorists who would be willing to order a Glen Helen plate. Your signature will bring us one person closer to our goal!
2) The Ohio State Legislature must pass a bill authorizing creation of the special Glen Helen license plates. We are fortunate to have the support State Representative Chris Widener, whose district includes Glen Helen. Representative Widener has agreed to sponsor a bill for the special license plates once our petition drive is complete.

Once the Glen Helen tag has been authorized by the State Legislature, any Ohio motorist will be able to order the tags for their vehicles.

We, the undersigned, wish to have the State of Ohio Legislature consider a bill to authorize the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to produce specialty license plates designated to Glen Helen.

We the undersigned also do hereby commit to purchase a Glen Helen Specialty License Plates from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

We understand there will be an additional cost to the standard license plate fee and also understand a portion of the proceeds will go to the designated fund.

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