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With the understanding that there presently is before Congress two major infrastructure bills waiting for approval; the much needed ~$1.2 trillion bill addressing physical infrastructure needs (a.k.a. the “Bridge” bill) and the ~$3.5 trillion bill addressing “social Infrastructure” desires (a.k.a. the “American Rescue Plan”); and further with the understanding that funding for both of these bills, once approved, is proposed to come from increases in corporate tax rates, the ultimate result of which will be the passing of these costs to consumers through price increases, we the signers petition Congress to enact the Employee Tax Credit.

The Employee Tax Credit uses the tax laws as a carrot more than a club by allowing corporations to take write-offs on their taxes based on the number of living-wage full-time legal citizen employees they have, thus by its nature encouraging these firms to increase their employment workforces. This credit would not be applicable to part-time or “out-sourced” personnel (commonly referred to as “Associates”; those entities or their firms having to apply separately) but only to full time employees being paid living wages-or-salaries as may be confirmed by the W-2s or 1099s of the employees. Likewise wages and salaries of employees working overseas who are not citizens of this country would not be counted when applying for this credit. Here the term “living wage” is defined equal or greater than what is required to comfortably live within the area(s) of the country a particular corporation’s employees live.

 (Republicans take note) The Employee Tax Credit is good for businesses as it will soften the actions of corporate tax increases by allowing the increases, in part, to be distributed to the employee base;

 (Democrats take Note) The Employee Tax Credit is good for employees as it promotes a more secure and content work environment with a more satisfied work force.

 (Everyone take Note) Passage of the Employee Tax Credit is good for the country as it will help resolve the looming danger of Social Security (a.k.a. “Old Age and Disability Insurance”) running out of money as more living wage employees will be making premium payments into Social Security through FICA.

 Passage of the Employee Tax Credit is good for two parent family partnerships and may negate to a large extent the need for the proposed Child Tax Credit as with both parents now making livable wages or salaries they will be more capable of providing for the needs of their offspring; either by hiring outside child care services or enabling one parent (commonly but not always the female) acting as the full-time primary nurturing family partner while the other (commonly but not always the male) acting as the full-time primary provider family partner until the offspring have sufficiently matured to care for themselves.

Careful monitoring and regulation of the Employee Tax Credit by an outside politically impartial body such as the Fed will restore a healthy economy such as was present in the early 80s when everyone seemed to have some money, an economy which was disrupted by industrialists exporting jobs overseas. We want to bring those jobs back, and so in a sense then the Employee Tax Credit could also be regarded as a component of the Passage of the National Employment Recovery Act (NERA) separately being proposed at https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/national-employment-recovery-act.html).

Richard N. Cox
Independent member, WV Senator Manchin’s "Project Weirton" task force

We the citizens of this good nation the United States of America therefore respectfully do petition and direct our duly elected President and our Congressmen to advocate and enact Employee Tax Credit based on the guidelines above, as a tool to encourage restoration of our middle class national labor market, prevent our nation's businesses from being overwhelmed or undercut by unfair foreign competition and preserve our national economy and living standard for our retirees and the generations to come after them.


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