NYS Department of Corrections
United States of America

Police Officer David Guttenberg was shot and killed when he walked in on an armed robbery on December 28, 1978.

During a regular patrol Officer Guttenberg came upon a double parked car but rather than just issue a ticket he went into the auto parts store to give the driver an opportunity to move the car. Unknown to him there were two men inside the store committing an armed robbery. The double-parked car was the getaway car. When the getaway driver, Pablo Costello, saw the officer entering the store he left and fled the scene of the robbery. It was later revealed at trial that Costello actually held the door open when the officer was entering the store. He made no attempt to warn Officer Guttenberg that there was a robbery taking place, leading him into slaughter. Officer Guttenberg was shot dead but never had the opportunity to draw his weapon. Costello was convicted of murder and sentenced to 25 years to life. Costello is coming up for a parole hearing in August 2013.

We, the undersigned petition to deny the parole of cop killer Pablo Costello, DIN #80A2363.

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