#City & Town Planning
City Council Members of Ventura, CA
United States of America

The property located East of Wells Road and North of Darling Road was zoned for one house per acre. The zone change would allow forty six units to be built on approximately five or seven acres.
The Applicants for this Zone Change are: The Mattey Group, Inc., Applicant Case No.Z-900,S-5433,EIR-2401
The adjacent properties negatlively affected are two Senior Home Communities: Buenaventura Mobile Home estates (224 units) and Poinsettia Gardens (142 units)

We, the undersigned, call on the City Council of Ventura to "DENY a Change of Zone Request from Residential Single-Family (R-1-1AC) to Residential Planned Development (RPD-6-7or8 Units per ACRE)

We believe this to be necessary to avoid crime, noise, liability around and in swiming pools, spas, jaccuzzies and elder abuse from roaming unsupervised juveniles We do not wish to be forced to sacrifice our serenity and serene style of living in our golden years.

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