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ITV's Coronation Street are currently running a storyline on Alzheimer's. They have disregarded those sufferers of Alzheimer's who are in the early stages of the illness and are able to follow the programme.

The storyline includes Eileen and Paul having an affair as Paul's wife Lesley has Alzheimer's. Their portrayal of Alzheimers is bad enough but that added affair is just awful for sufferers to watch. This storyline is worrying for Alzheimer's sufferers and I have had personal experience of this as my mother suffers from the illness. She is concerned that this will happen to her further on down the line of the illness and this is causing her extra stress as well as having the illness.

It is breaking our family's heart watching this storyline unfold and because routine is vital to Alzheimer's sufferers it is not a simple case of just stopping her from watching Coronation street. I have already written to Coronation Street who have replied to with no help. They basically said that they had more to explore with Alzheimer's and that their research was good enough which is not the case.

Please sign this petition in order to get Coronation Street to change the storyline so that Alzheimer's sufferers are more at ease and for the families of those involved.

We, the undersigned, call on Coronation Street to change their storyline on Alzheimer's.

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