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NRIs who wanted to start a new family and/or extend their family have been looking towards India as their Birth Country to adopt Children from India and bring them into the Country that they are residing.

Currently the process has become even more cumbersome and the wait for Parents to adopt and bring a Child home has become lengthy and difficult. The Current Plan that we have heard from CARA is regarding an 80-20 rule stipulation being laid down by CARA to the Orphanage about looking at NRIs as foreigners in the 20%.

Currently Countries like Ethiopia consider Ethiopians adopting from their country in the 80% category. If this changes happens, NRIs will have to wait a considerably longer time before they can have hope to bring a child into their Homes.

We request CARA the following to streamline the adoption process for NRIs as follows:

a). Do not pass the 80-20 Rule where NRIs are considered in the 20% which would lengthen the time a lot considerably and continue to have NRIs in the 80% so that even if one of the Parent is an Indian looking to adopt a child, they should be considered in the 80%. The reason being: Though we live outside of India it does not change the core values and principles that we learnt growing up and the way we raise these adopted children is not significantly different from how they would be raised in an Indian household in India. This is the reason why we would like to be categorized on par with the Indian nationals in India and be bundled in the 80% category.

b). Remove the stipulation of having a child being offered internationally only after the child has been rejected in written thrice domestically. This would eliminate or at least reduce the opportunities to have these kids available for adoption. Instead have a stipulation of having a kid available for adoption domestically only for the first three months that they come into the orphanage and then open it up for international adoption as well. This way it will give the opportunity for more kids to be available for adoption.

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