Cape Breton Regional Municipality Council

The fluoridation of water is poisonous to our health.

We, the undersigned residents of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, request that the artificial fluoridation of our water be discontinued.

This is a direct quote from the CBRM’s web page water utility board:

Vision: To be a Utility that earns the confidence of its customers, embraces modern technology and management practices to provide the best quality service and value to its customers, and applies conscientious stewardship of water resources for today and the future.

Mission: To provide the highest quality water in sufficient quantity on an equitable and reliable basis to all customers of the Utility.

Because of the fluoridation of our water, we the undersigned, have lost our confidence to the management and practices of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality and its water utility board. We consider it unethical and outside the mandate of our councils to distribute medication (including but not limited to Fluoride) through our municipal water, without prescription, and without consultation with an individuals physician. Our politicians are not doctors and have no authority to administer drugs to accurately assess the scientific studies on the risks vs. benefits of fluoridation.

Other municipalities across Canada have already chosen not to fluoridate water due to the lack of scientific evidence. The CBRM has already stated that it is is not fluoridating some parts of the municipality saying that it was not an essential component and not a formal requirement. The Cape Breton Municipality is biased, and should be doing the same for all of its residents.

This fluoride is a combination of hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride, it is a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer. These two chemicals are considered to be highly toxic and are classified as hazardous waste. It costs an estimated $60,000 just to add fluoride to the water of the CBRM.

We want ensure that the municipality's vision is true so that all of us have unrestricted access to the highest quality of water, clean and pure.

It is time to stop treating our water with fluoride. It is unethical as we are being mass medicated by individuals who are not qualified to make such decisions and there is no evidence support that fluoride will benefit our dental health.

Please sign this petition to stop artificially treating the Cape Breton Regional Municipality's water with fluoride.

Thank you.

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