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House of Commons -Parliament of Canada

The current laws of Canada do not afford adequate protection for all against threats. The law needs to be reformed to accommodate the modern communications age where threats can be made easily. A lack of clarity in the law allows such threats and the Crown is unable act to prevent them.

The manner in which threats can be conveyed in public forums can be done in such a way as to incite others to act while allowing the person who incites it to act without fear of repercussions. The law also allows for implied threats directed towards someone again without constraint.

There have been too many incidents of threats made against people where law enforcement is powerless to act to stop them. Escalations of these can be prevented by amending the law to better protect Canadians.

1) We the undersigned feel strongly that the citizens and residents of Canada require greater protection under the law from verbal and written threats, be they explicit or implied, of harm to their person or property

2) We the undersigned believe that the current laws regarding such threats have been weakened by the judiciary to the point that they are of no deterrent whatsoever to those who would use such threats of violence to suppress the right to open exchange of thoughts and opinions that we Canadians are supposed to enjoy freely.

3) This issue is becoming more and more of a serious problem with the exponentially increased use of social media to communicate such threats, and the lack of serious consideration for the effect on persons receiving such utterances needs to be addressed by our elected officials, either in the form of a new law, or by re-examining the law as it stands and amending it to reflect our changing society.

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