#Law Reform
Florida State Legislature
United States of America

Currently, the law mandates that in order to receive an endorsement to operate a motorcycle in Florida, applicants must successfully complete an operator's safety course which includes practical over the road testing and classroom testing. This petition seeks to modify the law.

We seek to allow an exception for individuals to operate three-wheeled (trike) motorcycles equipped with an automatic transmission without having to obtain a motorcycle endorsement for the state of Florida. This exception would be permitted if persons are otherwise licensed to legally operate a vehicle in Florida.

Rationale: There are now many motorcycles in production which have three wheels and are equipped with an automatic transmission which require the operator only to accelerate, steer and brake. These functions are similar to four-wheel vehicle operation and no more difficult. In this instance, requiring persons to obtain a motorcycle operators endorsement is causing an undue hardship on persons who would not need the more specialized training given for two-wheeled vehicle operation.

We the undersigned call on the Florida Legislature to approve an amendment to the existing Florida Motorcycle Endorsement requirements allowing for an exception in the licensing requirements when an individual would be operating a three-wheeled (trike) motorcycle equipped with an automatic transmission.

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