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The recent plan to scrap the Jensen Plan for an alternative plan for “Gess 8,” located in the Chilesburg neighborhood, calls for the omission of a number of valuable assets to the overall community while adding a number of features which will negatively impact safety and social connectivity.

The new plan omits neighborhood play areas, a community gathering place, recreational facilities and retail outlets which would build relationships by fostering positive social interaction (noted on the original plan are “churches/religious institutions, libraries and bookstores”). It, however, includes space for a gas station/convenience store, a chain drug store and another retail space.

Potential buyers were told by agents of Ball Homes that some apartments would be built near the school, north of the body of water, but that single-family homes would complete the rest of the area.

The changes associated with the scrapping of the Jensen plan would affect our neighborhood character; home buyers were not permitted to mimic the facades of adjacent homes so that variety would be the norm. The new plan for 13 identically-designed apartment buildings and 16 identical townhomes does not comply with current neighborhood character.

Finally, the plan on the table does not encourage movement from current single-family residences to the commercial center by foot. Gas stations require the presence of cars for fill-ups; convenience stores and pharmacies lend themselves to quick shopping experiences. Social interaction is limited by design.

The plan currently advocated by Ball Homes, while providing no room/facilities for recreation, is particularly insensitive to the needs of families, children and teens. While the builder has constructed mostly large, family homes, their lots are small and their streets are narrow. And yet, there is no designated space for play.

The only possible gathering place for young people would be the gas station/convenience store or pharmacy- not the best of alternatives, especially with a large elementary school nearby.

Finally, this design dismisses the concept of “Secured by Design,” considered by many to be a blueprint for “Neighborhoods of the Future.”

(http://www.cobizmag.com/articles/neighborhoods -of-the-future/)

This concept embraces mixed-use communities, close-knit neighborhoods, physically designed to encourage socialization, and “cultural and recreational elements” expected to survive long-term- all while maintaining the needs of safety and security.

The plan under consideration for this parcel of land subverts the quality of design built into existing homes. It ignores the social and recreational needs of its residents and focuses solely on builder profit.

We, the undersigned residents of the Chilesburg community, call on the Planning Commission of the city of Lexington, KY to deny Ball Homes’ current plan for “Gess 8” until revisions reflect community-building, “secured by design” commercial and residential properties which match the quality and design of the surrounding neighborhood.

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