#Law Reform
Queensland Parliament

Highway and road users should not have to worry about wandering livestock while driving on the road - and if an accident does happen as a result, the owner of the livestock should be held responsible.

The rule in Searle v Wallbank is a relic of the past which currently absolves owners of livestock from responsibility for damage caused - and it should no longer apply in today's society of fast moving cars and multi-lane highways.

The rule has been abolished in England (its jurisdiction of origin), New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania for almost 30 years!

Livestock on roadways cause accidents which usually result in property damage and sometimes injury.

Queenslanders should not have to pay with their lives and/or their pocketbooks because someone left a gate open.

The people named on this petition call on the Queensland Government to abolish the rule in Searle v Wallbank and thereby change the law to hold owners of livestock responsible for damage caused by their livestock on roadways.

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