#Law & Order
All Canadians & Her Majesty

The Conservative Government of Canada, through its parliamentary majority has abolished the Long Gun Registry (Bill C-19 60-61 Elizabeth II, 2011-2012).

The Registry has been an invaluable tool for police officers to reduce crime and suicide. It was established after the massacre of the Polytechnique in Montreal. Urban Canadians and most Police Chiefs supported it.

In spite of this support and the fact that it cost billions of dollars to establish, the Government will simply scrap it and destroy the data to prevent any future government from reinstating it. Under s.55 of the Constitution Act 1867, H.M. the Queen may disallow and annul an Act of Parliament.

To Her Most Excellent and Gracious Majesty:

We your Canadian Subjects, in the Year of your Jubilee, and as a demonstration of the importance and the wisdom of maintaining the monarchy hereby petition you to exercise the power vested in you by section 55 of the Constitution Act 1867, a power that has not been repealed through several amendments and revisions to that Act, to disallow Bill C-19 annulling the Act and maintaining the Registry.

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