#Children's Rights
MCCS, CDC, USMC and Headquarters Marine Corps
United States of America

USMC Air Station Yuma is a Federal Government allocated Superfund due to contamination. The ground is contaminated as is the ground water. The water quality on this base is questionable. It is of concern to my family and many other families that know.

The Child Development Centre (CDC) on USMC YUMA pay for and have regularly delivered 5 gallon bottles of clean water for all of their staff to drink which are placed into the water dispensers in the break rooms of the CDC buildings #1085 and #1071 whilst our children and babies drink unfiltered tap water. Every comparable preschool in Yuma uses filtered water for their children.

On the 25 May 2017 I attended the CDC to request that my child be provided with bottled/filtered water and I offered to provide that water. The CDC refused and gave my child's position in the pre-school program to another family.


Our children deserve clean water to drink. Please sign the petition to bring about change for our children.

We, the undersigned, call on Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) and the Child Development Centre, USMC Yuma to install WATER FILTRATION systems at all the faucets used to provide our children with drinking water and water to cook with by the kitchen. The filtration systems must, at a minimum, filters chlorine, chloramine/chloramines, sediment and particulate, cysts, copepods, VOCs,SOCs, THMs, PAHs, trace heavy metals, MTBEs, atrazine, benzene, xylene, pesticides, insecticides and herbicides.

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