Mr. Chris Wallace and the Commission on Presidential Debates
United States of America

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED …. on behalf of MILLIONS of Americans (especially parents) who are extremely concerned with vaccine safety and their documented potential for causing side-effects and injury, are disturbed by the fact that the issue has been kept completely out of the recent presidential and vice-presidential debating process. This, despite state and federal government vaccination practices and policies coming under the heaviest scrutiny in recent memory by an exceedingly skeptical public.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED …. believe that the highly controversial topic of vaccination is the most frequently discussed medical procedure among the citizenry during the 2016 American election cycle. This is partly due to the unprecedented firestorm of international media attention given to the unwarranted ejection of the film, “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” from the Los Angeles Tribecca Film Festival; a decision which was subsequently reversed after tremendous public objection. Regarded as the most famous documentary of its kind to date, the film pertains to a CDC whistleblower who claims that the agency covered up scientific research demonstrating a connection between the MMR vaccine and the onset of childhood autism.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED …. believe that, at the present time, the single greatest issue of contention between those favoring and those opposing vaccines is the current trend of mandatory vaccination of entire populations, especially children, instituted through legislation that seeks to remove the right to claim exemptions on the grounds of religious, philosophical, medical, personal or conscientious beliefs. Yet, presidential debate moderators have failed to pose a single question on the matter. Instead of prompting discussion on this critically urgent issue which threatens the preservation of American liberties and freedoms, debate moderators have, instead, asked about such excessively covered topics as taxes, trade agreements, and immigration. While undoubtedly important to the candidate selection process, we believe said concerns have been discussed ad nauseam in more than a year’s worth of campaigning.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED …. are alarmed with the disgraceful passage of California’s “SB-277,” which abolished a parent’s right to exempt their school-aged children from vaccination. Said statute, which was locally and nationally opposed on a huge scale, was signed into law, despite revelations of scandalously large amounts of financial lobbying conducted by the vaccine industry. Since its passage, which instituted “open-ended” mandates for injecting children with numerous vaccines that have never undergone the same safety research as with pharmaceuticals, SB-277 is shamefully serving as a “model” for other legislatures.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED …. who are gravely concerned with the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election and how that may affect vaccine policy within the federal government, believe it is imperative that the candidates, Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump, be asked to discuss, in open and public debate, whether he/she is in favor of establishing national mandatory vaccination requirements, what those mandates would look like, how they will be enforced, and what plans he/she has as president to support his/her position on this issue?

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED …. understand that Mr. Chris Wallace, the host of Fox News Channel’s television program entitled “Fox News Sunday”, has been selected by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) to moderate the third and final presidential debate (scheduled for October 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada) between the candidates. The CPD states on its website that Mr. Wallace has sole discretion in determining what questions he will pose to the candidates. Accordingly, the purpose of this Petition is to encourage Mr. Wallace to have the candidates debate questions on where they stand regarding national mandatory vaccination policy and what are their intentions for implementing that policy.

Based on the foregoing concerns, WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, as demonstrated by our individual signatures to this Petition, respectfully request that Mr. Chris Wallace, include in the debate questions he intends to pose to the candidates the following inquiry or something substantially identical:

If elected president, will you support or oppose any regulatory policy which seeks to legally establish national mandatory vaccination requirements for children and adults, and if so, please provide the details of that policy, including how it will be enforced and the actions you will take as president in favor of your policy?

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