The citizens of Haliburton area

To get a methadone dispensary in one of the pharmacies, so that the people have some where to go for help.

Some people just don’t have the money to travel to Lindsay or Minden, especially in the winter when it’s very cold and they don’t have a car. They are forced to hitch-hike, so if there where a clinic in Haliburton it would be wonderful.

Important note: Please understand we do not condone giving methadone to a 21 year old, except as a last possible resort. It’s only an example of the tragedy that can be avoided, and you will eventually save lives by signing this petition.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope a lot of people see this as I do.

This petition is a plea, to the citizens of Haliburton, to acknowledge the harsh reality of drug abuse in our community.

If the availability of treatment were as available as drugs, our friends, family, and our children would have hope. It’s time to recognize the problem in its severity, and not sweep it under the rug.

My son Danny Kay took his life November 3rd, 2007. He had asked for help and it was not there for him. He was a kind, loving, hard working young man who in the prime of his life, could no longer endure the hold of his addiction. Do this for Danny, do this for your own children, siblings, and friends. Help them to help themselves.

This petition is a wish from my heart, to do what we can to provide support, so our children, our brothers and sisters, and our friends and neighbours young and old, may live again.

In loving memory of my son Danny Kay.

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