Republican Governor Mitt Romney
United States of America

America urgently needs a patriot like Rep. Allen West to liberate our Republic from the tyranny of Obama's corrupt socialist agenda.

BUT IF WE CAN'T HAVE ALLEN WEST FOR PRESIDENT, we must draft him for Vice President. He is the one candidate who can take on and defeat Obama's ruthless racism, complete corruption, and corrosive class warfare.

Rep. Allen West is Obama's worst nightmare, because he's one of America's great patriots.

In the last four years, Barack Obama has attempted the equivalent of 'constitutional murder' against our Republic. Rep. Allen West will fully prosecute Obama's High Crimes.

As Romney's VP selection, he'll beat Obama like a dumb drum.

And after Obama's defeat, Vice President Allen West will lead our liberated Republic to restoration, healing and to full recovery.

We, the undersigned, strongly urge Governor Mitt Romney to immediately select U.S. Representative Allen West as his Vice Presidential running mate.

"A Republic. If You Can Keep It" - Benjamin Franklin
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