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The Search feature currently works by showing popular places before less popular places. This is based on a number of features, from picks and keywords, but also from traffic numbers.
This means that people can quite easily ‘game’ the system, by either paying people to ‘camp’ on their land, or by creating so called ‘bot farms’ (pictured).


This is where one person creates multiple alts that just stay in one place to boost the traffic numbers.

This issue is a subject hotly debated by a lot of residents in Second Life, and most people I have spoken to have been demanding something needs to be done about these practices.

It is frustrating for those people whose businesses are affected by this practice and also for people genuinely looking for a popular place.

It also creates a huge amount of ‘lag’ which affects people’s enjoyment of the community. I see this as a form of griefing on the community as a whole.
Linden Lab needs to do something to stop disreputable people taking advantage of an otherwise fantastic environment and affecting other people’s game performance.

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We, the undersigned, petition Linden Lab to create better controls for fraudulent business practices and to remove the traffic element from the search filters in their online community of Second Life.

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