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We are asking Bangs Ambulance to re-hire EMT Dunn-Hindle without further delay. We believe Gus is being unfairly overlooked by Bangs Management because of his involvement in our Union Effort. In the spring of 2023, Gus notified Management of an internship opportunity and was told he would be made "inactive" if he pursued it- When the internship did not come through, Gus followed company policy and reapplied for his Job. This was ignored by Bangs Management for nearly 2 months- until our employer was confronted with an Open Letter signed by 15 of his co-workers, requesting that Gus be allowed to return to work....

The response from Bangs Management has been to postpone possible re-employment until October. This is ridiculous…

Gus should not have to wait another 2 months to start working again. Our entire EMS system is under tremendous strain. EMT Dunn-Hindle is a solid emergency care provider and we need him back with us immediately.

More About Why this Matters…
Across the Country, EMS services are struggling to meet expanding 911 call volume at a time when many Paramedics and EMTs are retiring or simply burning out after decades of low pay and few benefits - then came 3 years of global pandemic. Ithaca NY is not exempt from this situation. Our service is chronically short staffed, with mutual aid being called nearly every day. We need experienced providers 24/7. Gus worked at Bangs Ambulance for over 2 years- running hundreds of 911 emergency calls and Hospital to Hospital Patient Transfers. He has a clean record and does not require any re-training or orientation. This is exactly what we need- so we are asking that Bangs Management do the right thing....

You can read our open letter to Bangs Management here:

...And You can read more about our Union Effort at our website: https://www.bangsambulanceworkersunited.org/

Please read our Open Letter and then Add your name to our Petition...
Thank You for helping us Advocate for EMS Workers !!!

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