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On Thursday, February 18, 2009, State Rep. Leo Berman (R-Tyler) committed an act which we believe constitutes acts unbecoming to a member of the Texas Legislature—for which he should be censured by members of the Texas House of Representatives.

After a panel discussion sponsored by Texas Employers for Immigration Reform, Rep. Berman was engaged in a heated verbal conflict with Harry Joe, a Chinese American immigration lawyer from Dallas.

Berman, who was invited to participate in a panel discussion to speak about a bill he authored requiring illegal immigrants to relocate to “sanctuary cities,” was approached by Mr. Joe after the session.

Following their exchange, Berman told Harry Joe to “go home” (as in “back to China”) and “kiss my ass.”

While the Rules of the Texas House of Representatives set forth no specific standards for member decorum and behavior, it is clear to most people that Berman’s actions are clearly unbefitting a member of the Texas Legislature.

The Texas House of Representatives should immediately censure Berman and condemn his conduct.

We–netroots activists from across Texas–seek to see the Texas House of Representatives pass a resolution censuring Rep. Berman. Using this site, you can find out how to contact your Representative to urge them to support a censure resolution, and how to contact House Speaker Joe Straus to demand that the Speaker formally and officially condemn Rep. Berman’s conduct.

I support a Resolution of Censure against State Rep. Leo Berman, and call upon the members of the Texas House of Representatives to author and pass such a resolution immediately.

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