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Flat Rock Village Council
United States of America

"Neglect and inappropriate development put our irreplaceable landscape legacy increasingly at risk. Too often today’s short-sighted decisions threaten the survival and continuity of our shared heritage." Given Flat Rock’s historic significance, we must use care whenever changes are suggested, asking ourselves if these changes are necessary and in keeping with the character of the village. Such care must extend to and include detailed consideration and planning of our roadways, bridges, greenways, and pathways to preserve not just the nature of the village but also our sense of place and belonging.

We, the undersigned, petition the Flat Rock Village Council to cancel NCDOT STIP project no. U-5887, N. Highland Lake Road (SR 1783). Some of the reasons are listed below and are followed by our signatures:

- N. Highland Lake Road is not a safety or capacity problem, as confirmed by NCDOT
- Waste of taxpayer money
- Takes private property for a nonessential purpose
- Inconsistent with Flat Rock’s designation in the National Register of Historic Places

cc: NCDOT, French Broad River MPO

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