#Law & Order
United States of America

On October 26, 2009 a tragic accident occurred that resulted in the loss of the life of Matthew Gorzynski. This event has devastated his family and friends

Help us make sure that another tragedy does not occur with the persecution of William through the judicial system with a charge of murder. He’s just a child and needs to remain in the juvenile system of this state.

We, the undersigned, as friends, family and the community of William Gorzynski, proclaiming our full support for William Gorzynski and his family, ask that William not be tried as an adult and that this charge be dismissed for what it was, a horrible accident between brothers.

The Petition For William Gorzynski To Remain In The Juvenile System petition to FLORIDA STATE PROSECUTER was written by Sandra Nay and is in the category Law & Order at GoPetition.