Birch Hills County, Saddle Hills County, MLA Hector Goudreau, Premier Alison Redford

30 years ago, the Alberta Government promised they would pave every Secondary Highway in Alberta. 30 years later, Secondary Highway 677 (Peoria Road) is still waiting.

Over the past 30 years the traffic volume on this road has increased substantially due to the influx of new residents to the area, its use as a connector between Highway 2 and Secondary Highway 733, and the traffic to and from the Kakut Lake Resort. The dust, mud, gravel and potholes are taking their toll on vehicles and equipment and the road has gotten to the point where it poses a threat to the safety and health of people who rely on it.

More gravel and grading is not working and it is not the answer… pavement is. Please support our petition for pavement on this road for the safety of all that use it.

We, the undersigned, petition our respective Alberta Government representatives to support the paving of Secondary Highway 677 (Peoria Road) in the interest of the health and safety of all that use it.
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