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(From Wikipedia) Red Dwarf: The Movie
Since the end of series Eight, Doug Naylor has been attempting to get funding to make a feature length film version of the show, but on every occasion so far has been thwarted by circumstances.

He has long persisted with his conviction that the making of the movie (for which the script has been written for many years) takes precedence over any other possible future incarnation of Red Dwarf. He admits to being — perhaps mindful of the age and schedules of the principal cast — close to having to make a final, outright decision of whether to continue to pursue the film, make a series IX or some one-off TV special(s), or simply end the series as it is.[36], Naylor sent a letter to the Red Dwarf fans at the Dimension Jump convention in 2004, which mostly consisted of his failed attempts to create the film, such as a fake Duke of Manchester offering money to fund the film provided Naylor paid his air fare to attend the meeting.

Naylor has also stated that some studios have been impressed by the scripts, but either weren't looking for that kind of project or wanted the film recast.[37]

In December 2007, Naylor stated that the movie had "hit a wall" due to the BBC's refusal to buy the broadcast rights putting off other potential investors. He did state, however, that he still intended to make use of the script in some form, potentially in either a stage show or an animated movie.[38]

We, the undersigned, call on the BBC, or any other suitable investors, to provide financial backing to allow the creation of a Red Dwarf movie.

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