#Law Reform
Dehli Wildlife agency

13,000 monkeys currently roam the streets of Dehli, 90% of them carrying tuberculosis in the Tuberculosis capitol of the world. They steal from, attack, and sometimes even kill locals and the Dehli wildlife agency refuses to step in. With 400 bites a month, the unvaccinated 32% of the population contribute to the growing rate Tuberculosis cases in India as a whole.

"Dr. Tyagi’s agency has asked the city’s wildlife agency for help, but wildlife officials claim that the monkeys — a scourge of the city for years as urbanization has encroached on their original habitat — are no longer wild and are thus not their responsibility." (Harris, New York Times)

This is a petition to demand the help of the Dehli Wildlife agency to help fix the tyranny of the monkeys that are currently dominating the lives of the humans in Dehli.

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The Petition for the Dehli Wildlife agency to help the monkey problem. petition to Dehli Wildlife agency was written by Taylor Aldrich, Hannah Hansen and is in the category Law Reform at GoPetition.