#City & Town Planning
Blue Mountains City Council & State Government

Blackheath faces major development!

Blue Mountains City Council has approved development of the Hat Hill Rd ex-airstrip site and large areas of surrounding bushland.

This was done with absolutely NO consultation with residents or the community.

They are clearing a large amount of good bushland, and possibly installing 45/90 homes.

This is being considered based on a now-outdated subdivision plan from 1928.

It is being done purely for financial reasons and has not been fully documented, ie the small community of Blackheath is possibly being hugely impacted for little or no reason. Rate payers money is at risk of being waisted on land that is unlikely to sell in the short term.

They have assessed the environmental and social impact as "nil"!

We the undersigned request that Blue Mountains City Council rezones the old Blackheath Airstrip as community land.

The old Blackheath Airstrip consists of a large quantity of endemic vegetation, which is unique to the upper ridges of the Blue Mountains. Included in the site is a dirt bike track, which has been created, modified and extended for over 50 years by local youth, who have limited alternative recreational options in Blackheath.

The dirt bike track is a place where young members of the community mingle with older members. The fact that a range of activities, including nature walks on gently sloping land, bicycle riding and dog walking can all co-exist is a testament to the benefits provided by the area to the whole community.

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